AUGUST 11TH - 18TH, 2019
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Fairest of the Fair - 
Ms. Abigail Williams

(Far Right)
Juneau County Junior Fairest of the Fair - Anna Renner

(Far Left) 

Juneau County Junior Fairest of the Fair Attendant - Matti Wafle


Dear Fair Friends,

            “Be a pineapple- stand tall, be sweet, and wear a crown.” This has been one of my favorite quotes ever since I was a little girl. For everyone who knows me, you might say that this sums me up fairly nicely. I have always tried to stand up for myself and others while not being discouraged or afraid. I have always tried to be sweet and kind to those around me, regardless of if I knew them or not. Now I can say that I have worn a crown too! I will always be able to look back at this past year and reminisce about all of the laughs, the people that I met, and everything that I have learned as your 2018 Fairest of the Fair.

            In this position I have had the opportunity to look at the fair from a different view. Growing up at the fair I always remember running around to different shows supporting my friends, learning something new, and then remembering that I have a show coming up. With this position I have gotten to relive these thoughts of running between different shows and showing support for individuals that I have gotten to know over the many years. I still have the chance to look and appreciate everything the fair has to offer as well. In my position as Fairest of the Fair, I was able to meet with other fair representatives and discuss how our fairs were similar or different. They recognized the uniqueness of the Juneau County Fair and made a point of coming back that same week! That shows how much pride and dedication goes into our fair, and how honored that I have been able to do so much with the fair and this community that has offered so much to me.

            I would personally like to thank everyone who has helped me this past year with this amazing journey. First, I should probably thank my family. They helped me by showing their support this entire year, from the very beginning of the application process where it was a mere question until I retire my sash and crown. I know that they have always been there and will continue to always be there. I would also like to thank the Fair Board, the Fairest Committee and the exhibitors. Without every single one of you, the fair would not function the way it does. All of the hours spent in meetings, organizing events, or putting together a project does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. Lastly, but certainly not least, I would like to thank the other members of the Fair Royalty Team; Junior Fairest of the Fair Anna Renner and Junior Fairest Attendant Matti Wafle. We had a very busy year and I could not have asked for better and fun team members.

            I am currently attending school at the University of Wisconsin- Platteville for Business Administration with a double emphasis in Human Resource Management and General Business. After I graduate, I would like to work in Human Resources specializing in recruitment or benefits. I know that my fair experiences have helped me become the person I am today, and that I will continue to benefit from them in the future.

            I may not always be wearing a crown, I may not always stand as tall as I could, and I might not always be the sweetest. But I know that there will always be some part of me that will always be at the Juneau County Fair.


Abby Williams

The Juneau County Fair
Fairest of the Fair Program

Do YOU Want To Become The 2019 - 2020

Fairest of the Fair or Jr. Fairest of the Fair?


            The Fairest of the Fair program is an Internship Program offering a scholarship for youth from Juneau County.  The purpose of the Fairest of the Fair is to promote the variety of opportunities- educational, agricultural, social, cultural, and commercial- available in Juneau County.  It is a learning experience from interviews, to attending community functions and festivals, and promoting the fair and Juneau County.  Applicants need to have a strong appreciation for the fair but do not need to have been involved showing at the fair.  Applicants need to be available all days of the Juneau County Fair.


Applicants for Fairest must be 18-24 years of age as of Jan. 1, 2020.

Applicants for Jr. Fairest must be ages 13-15. 


Applications Can Be Obtained By:

* Downloading the Application from this Page (go to the tab above & to the left)

*Calling or Emailing Heidi Finucan, Fairest of the Fair Chairperson 

    At 608-547-7000 or

*At Your School Guidance Offices

*At the Juneau County 4-H Extension Office or Website -


All Applications Must Be Returned By July 1st, 2019